Codependent Relationships

Often when dating you get blinded, by the fresh-new, invigorating feeling of having someone that wants to be a part of your everyday life. You stray away from things that you did for yourself before you were in the relationship. Some people make drastic changes to their lives because the relationship demands that time from the both of you. For example, you stop working out because the free time that you had before to go to the gym, you now use that time to lay down with your significant other and watch movies. There is nothing wrong with building the bond between the two of you. But sometimes the relationship becomes codependent and you rely on each other for things that could be handled individually.


2 thoughts on “Codependent Relationships

  1. What are the dangers of being codependent and what is the solution, or how can it be balanced? What are the signs of a codependent relationship?


    1. The dangers of a codependent relationship can be heartbreak, losing yourself in the relationship, and unhappiness in the relationship. It can be balanced by having separate lives outside of the relationship. Friends and family that are separate from the relationship are needed because sometimes you need to vent about the person you spend the most time with. It prevents you from taking it out on that person. Also activities outside of the relationship help as coping mechanisms. The signs of a codependent relationship are also the dangers. You never see yourself entering a codependent relationship at the moment. You only really notice them by realizing that your relationship isn’t as happy as it once was. You just have to be willing to work on it instead of finding someone else to be happy with


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