Dating in the world of the internet has a couple of perks. For example the app tinder has made meeting people just a mutual finger swipe away. Instead of going out and finding someone that finds you attractive and then starting a conversation. Now all you need is an enticing profile photo, and a relative bio. Also, you get to meet people that live in places you might not ever visit. The downside of apps like tinder is that it makes it easier to get involved with someone you might never talk to in real life. You could get “catfished” which means you run into someone that has lied on everything about themselves. Fake accounts also roam a lot on those dating websites and apps and they try to get you to go to sites that are not safe. Or they put you in a position to try and give personal information up. Tinder can cripple us as a society because no one will continue to use their social skills in person if they can always hide behind an electronic. As a society we have to adapt socially, and if online dating becomes the social norm, long-term relationships will cease to exist. The instant gratification that people would get from receiving likes on their photos, or conversations starting on tinder will be too overwhelming.


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