The glue that holds it together

I feel like there are two major components to relationships that either make or break your relationship. The first thing that is important is communication. Now of course the communication might start off strong in the relationship, but it has to in order for the relationship to feel strong. Strong communication means being able to tell each other anything that you would tell your best friend, no matter the content, the type of conversation it might create. If you both have strong communication skills with each other then you can talk your way through any situation at any given time. Along with good communication comes compromise, and being able to admit when you are wrong but also standing up for yourself when you are right.

The other major component to keeping a relationship strong is sex. Sex is the relationship glue. Sex is something that should only be shared between two married people. The power that it contains in a relationship is so intense that it could make your relationship hold as strong as a brick house or it can make it as unpredictable as a plastic bag blowing in the wind. The reason why sex is so powerful is because, if used in a non-safe way, it can create life changing problems or little blessings in disguise. Sex demands communication and the highest level of it. Which is why it is strongly recommended to be abstinent until marriage.

Think about every relationship you’ve had up until now. Now, if are with the same person that you first started talking to in elementary school then this isn’t meant for you. But, if you have had a relationship that has not worked out as planned. One of these two things were the little rock at the top of the mountain that started rolling and created that giant snowball of mess.


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