Diagnosis and Prescription

Lying in bed

Am I the only one that can get into a relationship, lay in the bed with that person all day and not feel bad about it. I have found myself missing work, missing out on family events, and if I can get away with it I would not take my dog out. I feel like its a mental connection with your partner. Because it is usually both of you that are involved in the decision to lay in bed all day. I tried getting out of the bed and making it, but that only makes the bed look more enticing.


What is Love?

Is love an an emotion or is it an action? I think that love is more than just an emotion. The fact that you can choose to love makes it more than an emotion. Like for example laughing is a form of happiness but you can choose whether or not you want to do it. Some things make you laugh harder than others, and some make you want to laugh but you choose not to. Just like in relationships, some people you choose to love and some you love more than others. If laughing is the verb of happiness. What is the emotion for love?

What about you

I want to hear from my readers. Comment below and tell me about troubles you personally have encountered while trying to online date. Those that have never done that tell me about things that you have encountered in your normal dating life. Anything weird funny or just outlandish are highly recommended.

The glue that holds it together

I feel like there are two major components to relationships that either make or break your relationship. The first thing that is important is communication. Now of course the communication might start off strong in the relationship, but it has to in order for the relationship to feel strong. Strong communication means being able to tell each other anything that you would tell your best friend, no matter the content, the type of conversation it might create. If you both have strong communication skills with each other then you can talk your way through any situation at any given time. Along with good communication comes compromise, and being able to admit when you are wrong but also standing up for yourself when you are right.

The other major component to keeping a relationship strong is sex. Sex is the relationship glue. Sex is something that should only be shared between two married people. The power that it contains in a relationship is so intense that it could make your relationship hold as strong as a brick house or it can make it as unpredictable as a plastic bag blowing in the wind. The reason why sex is so powerful is because, if used in a non-safe way, it can create life changing problems or little blessings in disguise. Sex demands communication and the highest level of it. Which is why it is strongly recommended to be abstinent until marriage.

Think about every relationship you’ve had up until now. Now, if are with the same person that you first started talking to in elementary school then this isn’t meant for you. But, if you have had a relationship that has not worked out as planned. One of these two things were the little rock at the top of the mountain that started rolling and created that giant snowball of mess.

A and B, C your way out

No matter how exclusive your relationship is you always tend to see someone else trying to give you their thoughts and opinions. Outsiders can be another detriment to a relationship because there are no two people that act the same exact way. Sociologically, they can’t help themselves. In society we have trained people to interfere with relationships and they don’t realize that they are being robots. For example; fathers believe they have to dislike any boy that their daughter dates, or the best friends from both sides of the relationship give relationship advice. Often families push their traditional values on the younger generations.  If people are influencing your decisions and they are not involved in the relationship they may be giving bad advice and not knowing it, but they are forced to give it by social standards. In this situation I suggest taking actions in your relationship with caution.


Dating in the world of the internet has a couple of perks. For example the app tinder has made meeting people just a mutual finger swipe away. Instead of going out and finding someone that finds you attractive and then starting a conversation. Now all you need is an enticing profile photo, and a relative bio. Also, you get to meet people that live in places you might not ever visit. The downside of apps like tinder is that it makes it easier to get involved with someone you might never talk to in real life. You could get “catfished” which means you run into someone that has lied on everything about themselves. Fake accounts also roam a lot on those dating websites and apps and they try to get you to go to sites that are not safe. Or they put you in a position to try and give personal information up. Tinder can cripple us as a society because no one will continue to use their social skills in person if they can always hide behind an electronic. As a society we have to adapt socially, and if online dating becomes the social norm, long-term relationships will cease to exist. The instant gratification that people would get from receiving likes on their photos, or conversations starting on tinder will be too overwhelming.

Codependent Relationships

Often when dating you get blinded, by the fresh-new, invigorating feeling of having someone that wants to be a part of your everyday life. You stray away from things that you did for yourself before you were in the relationship. Some people make drastic changes to their lives because the relationship demands that time from the both of you. For example, you stop working out because the free time that you had before to go to the gym, you now use that time to lay down with your significant other and watch movies. There is nothing wrong with building the bond between the two of you. But sometimes the relationship becomes codependent and you rely on each other for things that could be handled individually.